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Well, she won!

I ran into Sarah yesterday saying 'If my husband cheats, it is his loss, not mine!' on television.

Not so long ago, she walked in to eat in our mess for 3 days in a row... and well... it suffices to say she managed to make heads turn...

More importantly, Rabbi Shergill is the second sardar after this one who can play the guitar. And he uses a capo!!!

Congrats to Sarah!

3 Responses to “Well, she won!”

  1. # Blogger Golu

    Hahahah...bulle ke baal ... waise even I use a capo :P

    BTW do u still have the lyrics u wrote in IIT...Zubin and I were wondering if we could get our hands on them.  

  2. # Blogger Panda Pondering

    yeh sarah hai koun be?  

  3. # Blogger Hashish

    Who is Sarah?  

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