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My Life in Two Cameras (Episode 1: Rambling in the Morning)

8.15 a.m.

A loud, long flush permeates through the expanse of IIM Bangalore, waking the crap out of guys sleeping like dolls. I emerge out of a sad ground-floor bathroom muttering curses and scratching my belly. It’s funny how everyone’s life begins with a flush – rich or poor, literate or illiterate – everybody’s life begins with that stupid flush everyday! I check myself out in the mirror... The Mole... The Long Nose... nothing new... I wonder what a world it would be if I was named the World’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2005! (Maybe I should actually fill out the forms next year.)

You know it's kind of neat that we live on the only planet that supports life, and it's kind of lucky that we're just the right distance from the sun so that we can lie out on the beach when we want to. And to say that something is so complex that it must've been created by something unexplainable is just a Microsoft® way of looking at the world. See this software? Yeah, it doesn't work very well and you'll never understand how it all really works, but it does work a lot of the time. Just use it. Trust us. We're really intelligent.

Now, tell me how that's any different than your spleen.

8.40 a.m.

A greasy, grumpy prof is rattling away something at breakneck pace. I try hard to catch the ‘and’s, the ‘it’s, and the pauses. Then he says something that I actually catch...

‘A quadratic equation can only have two positive roots’

He shrugs and looks around as if he was searching for the wretch who said it. He pauses, takes a deep breath and says...

‘Okay, a quadratic equation can have a negative and a complex root’

Now, tell me how that’s any different than a ‘flush’.

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