Towards Life!


“Can I know which room Abhinav Thakur stays in?”


“Oh... ok... I am Pavankumar...” Thus went my first moments at IIM Bangalore. People around seem to be bent upon trying to scare the shit out of us ‘fachchas’, but well, as they say, it’s all for a reason!

One thing that sets IIMB apart from IIT is the frantic pace of life. I slept through all the orientation programs of IIT B, but I don't think that’s going to work here. (Reminds me of the times when we were dragged out of our rooms in the first year, to participate in the crossy!). Some of the orientation programs were actually fun, like, bumping into your batch mates blindfolded, enacting role plays about the corporate world, running all over the campus in groups, et al. I want to believe that the next two years is going to be as much fun, as these initial days.

Soon I will be taking courses I don't know a shit about, and well, all I wish right now is that I get time to update my blog frequently, and to distance it as far as possible from my life at IIM B!

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