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April 10th - The day I jumped, again!

Sometimes I cannot sleep. Sometimes I shiver uncontrollably. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to stand but, I jump. Sometimes I cannot eat. And Sometimes, I like being “sick”!

I just discovered that prior to and post the results of an important exam, I fall “sick”. The only difference being - I am happy to be “sick” after the results. When I look at the past few days, memories of chanting “A, B or C”, much to the chagrin of fellow believers at temples come flooding back to me. I can laugh at it now, but I realize that the situation could have been disastrous, if the initial results were any indication. I was kicked out of A, K and L (as expected!), and the desperation to see anything other than “Sorry…” was increasing by the minute.

On the day of reckoning – April 10th – a sultry Sunday afternoon, the anxious eyes of my mother and me on the computer, the words, “You have been selected for admission to PGP (2005-2007 batch), IIMBsplashed on to the screen… and suddenly on my life! Everything else, the spacious room, the ceiling, the colors, the world outside… everything, everything became non-existent. And for some absurd reason (animal instinct!) I, I started jumping! There was a two-legs-in-the-air jump, a one-leg-in-air, one-leg-on-ground jump, a both-legs-on-ground, hands-swinging-wildly jump, and many more. Anyone practicing for the Olympics High Jump would have been embarrassed by the variety and the heights of my jumps. I don’t remember how many, and I do feel silly for that shameless display of happiness, but well… every son gets at least one chance to make his parents proud, and I just had mine!

5 Responses to “April 10th - The day I jumped, again!”

  1. # Blogger Karthik

    CONGS G!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Have been checking in on your website everyday waiting for the IIM crack mail :) Most happy for thee :) most most happy :)


  2. # Blogger Karthik

    IIM B was a place I dreamt of, and to see the interview have a more than my fair share of bad moments stung hard. The interview lingered on my mind for a long time, and I guess I will never forgive my self for being an idiot at the wrong time!

    So u were wrong - thankfully :)  

  3. # Anonymous Sam Etaro

    Fucking G!
    BIG time congratulations dude...and once again...I love the last line of this entry!  

  4. # Blogger DiDaSarcasticDude

    thanks people, thanks everyone who cared enough to expect something from me! and yea once again i was wrong, Kram :)


  5. # Anonymous praket

    Congrats be !!!  

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