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Musical Musings (An interview by Ro)

At some point in the past few days, I was party to an interview. No, I wasn’t the one who was interviewed. Neither was I the interviewer. Well, I was just the audience. The only rock journalist IIT Bombay has ever seen, Ro, interviewed Golu, the ex-bassist of FFF, bassist 40 Hz and not-so-popular solo artist. Now, what is fun in that? Nothing really… Then why do I post this? Jeez, stop asking such questions and just read on!

Ro: “Oi guys...tell me one thing... Do you know which band actually started the standard arrangement of rock music, i.e. , the whole idea of having a rhythm riff on one guitar with bass vocals and drums and then having 1/2/3 lead pieces in between the songs? In fact, at the moment I can’t think of any other arrangement! Maybe you guys should come up with something new...people have been playing the same style forever and its time for a change ;)”

I am Jack’s Idle Brain.

Golu: “FFF has already created the trend of forgetting lyrics, screwing up guitar strings, losing drumsticks, taking nbd in a corner and balding in youth....what more do you want than that????”

Ro: “Yes, but that’s an answer to something like "Ozzy ate a bat on stage, Morrison simulated masturbation on stage, Subbu was left out on stage...what have u guys done?" what about the music Dheeraj?...the music????

I am Jack’s Truth of Life.

Golu: “Shame on you...what do you mean what you guys have done. We at least affected the music scene in IIT:
1. Now, every bloody group trying RATM is singing “killing in the name of” at AD. (Yes, this is verified info)
2. As far as I remember, we are the first people to play a medley at acoustic dusk (well, Chamad people played between “twist and shout” and “la bamba”…but that’s not counted). And now this year there are 3 medleys being played!

On top of that, you don’t have to go do hero stuff by being the first to use ten thousand cymbals or 15 stringed guitars or double necked bass... just play what you like and it will contribute in its own... that is the problem why you bloody budding rock journalists will just be budding through out.

As Frank Zappa said - Rock journalists are people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t speak, for people who can’t read.”

Ro: “Aargh! Now u r thinking like viral...saying things, which are totally unrelated and out of context and missing the point totally! (Sorry viral!) I only mentioned that it is high time someone changes the musical arrangement in rock songs and it might as well be FFF! If the goals and dreams that you have set for FFF cannot break through the standards set by others (others who are no doubt legends) and are merely restricted to globally-used by locally-new acts...then I am a little disappointed. No doubt, FFF has changed the music scene in IIT...but frankly, the FFF that I know of has much more talent that you apparently perceive Dheeraj. I am truly saddened to learn that of all the people in the band you are saying this!

No shame on me Dheeraj...shame on you! As a the next cover photo of FFF on Rolling Stones your face will be replaced by the face of Britney Spears and word will be spread that you secretly worship John Mayer!

And Puhhhhleeeez.....rock journalists are cool!!!!”

I am Jack’s Shrinking Groin. (Another truth of Life!)

Golu: “That’s it. Initially I was sure you had a small you-know-what. Now, I am sure it has dropped off...You have become a chick who likes pink color and paints her toenails on the weekends.

Well, if you are saddened to know that I am the person in the band saying this, its because I have finally realized there is no use jumping around like *censored* (initially it was "Choots") and trying to act cool. Look at Knopfler and his son. Look at Floyd. Look at Clapton. Of course, you will also find examples of people jumping about. Anyway, the point is basically that I am finally maturing into a true musician. Unfortunately Ro, as Narendranadh would say, “You are far behind amma”. Or, as Viral said, “Stop drumming about on your bed and get a real kit.” Then you will soon realize that you don’t have to change any *Censored* (initially it was "fucking") pattern! Just enjoy what you do.

As the great seer Anthony said, “You change the key from C to D, you see to us, its just a minor thing”.

And, rock journalists are the saddest people in life. Ok not all, but you definitely are!”

I am Jack’s Hard drive. I remember everything. Because, when great people talk, you just shut up and listen!

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  1. # Blogger Shrini

    Bloody naaaaansense... You have outdone yourself I say. Guruzada Durden  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    don blame me! :) If you were party to Golu's mails, i bet you would understand the "deeper" meaning of "Tyler Durden's" words!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi. I am an anonymous person. You guys dont know me. Neither was I shrini's neighbour neither did I ever play bass for G. But i can tell you that golu's words have very deep meaning. Do not ridicule him :)  

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